Founded by veteran filmmaker Kevin Booth, Tenaya Group is a multimedia branding company specializing in documentaries and TV series production. As a filmmaker, Kevin’s unique inside association to industry leaders has led to the creation of Tenaya's hybrid business model.

Tenaya’s profits will be derived in two basic ways –

1. Tenaya will own and perpetually license the media it creates to major broadcasters and platforms such as NETFLIX, Amazon Prime, Hulu, XBox, Comcast, Itunes, Showtime, AMC, Sundance, and others.

2. Tenaya will collect licenses and royalties from the various brands it finances, promotes and owns IP in.

Two productions currently underway -

1. “Wolves of Weed” feature length documentary:

2. “WEED COURT” daytime courtroom TV series:

Regular Video Interviews & News Reels:

In 2008 Kevin’s film “American Drug War” became a top viewer’s choice on Showtime and has now been viewed via major broadcasters and platforms on five continents.

Tenaya’s board of directors (to be announced) is an all-star cast of financial experts, entertainment professionals, attorneys, marketers, doctors, PR people and consultants.

More information on Kevin Booth: